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In our import offer you can find mainly products from Greece, while we export mailny fresh fruits and vegetables from Polish producers.
All fruits and vegetables that we offer are the best quality, because they are grown in fertile soil, rich in microelements and they come from regions where the soil and climate is the best to grow each type of fruit or vegetable. For example oranges come from southern part of Peloponnese, that is well-known for the superb quality of oranges. Whereas apples are mainly from Mazowieckie Region, tomatoes come from Lubelskie Region and onion from Lodzkie Region.

We make sure that the producer that we choose offer the best quality fruits or vegetables from the best plantations, because we want to be sure that our clients are satisfied with each delivery.

Growing, sorting, preparing and transporting goods for clients is supervised by us, to ensure, that friuts and vegetables, that we deliver are always fresh and the best quality.

We do everyting to satisfy our clients.

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